Digital 2020 The ISF World Congress

The Event

To say the design of the ISF World Congress virtual venue was a mammoth undertaking would be an understatement.


We proposed and tried new things - such as an evening event lobby that flipped at 8 AM the next morning to the daytime lobby!


The venue was a custom-designed virtual venue in a bright, spacious atrium lobby leading to seven main rooms over two stories with a four-room exhibit hall, and additional 6 event rooms!


Over 3478 registrants from 397 member organizations in 80 countries logged into the virtual event produced over five days in a continuous 24-hr broadcast/livestreaming!


Delegates were blown away by the true-to-life experience, many commenting they felt like they were at an ISF live conference.

The Event

The venue had attendees saying they felt like they were attending an in-person ISF Congress.

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